In a very pragmatic way, it is also actually physically hard to meet LARGE WOMAN in Los Angeles. Our bars and restaurants are crowded, and I hate being the PLUS SIZE GIRL trying to squeeze into a booth or through the room. It's downright tough to leverage myself into a cluster of people waiting for drinks at a bar. I fear bumping into chairs. The most embarrassing moment of my life? Asking a restaurant host or hostess to move my party to another table because I literally could not fit into it. Sometimes the skinny girl’s easy, fun night out in Hollywood is the fat girl’s night of stressful geographic strategy.

On a more personal level, I've found that oftentimes, men can be cruel. I've been on the receiving end of some rather shocking insults I never would have dreamt a person could say. One I'll never forget: "Your shape is not desirable to me. " At least he attempted to make it sound like a business transaction. Another I will never forget, but not because it was so tactful: "I would have sex with you, but I’d never be able to introduce you to my friends or family. " I’m not an alien! In fact , I happen to be a very friendly person with a solid sense of humor. But my big hips preclude me from being relationship material? I'm great for a roll in the actual hay but not to meet mom.

Nobody likes to be insulted, and when it's super-cruel in this way, it's utterly heartbreaking. Would this happen in the Midwest? I honestly don’t know. But it happens here.

Some men assume that if you're overweight, you are also desperate and use that as an excuse to treat you like dirt. A few prey on the vulnerability of heavy girls, hoping to fool around quickly and get out without any further commitments. Worse, some some men fetishists and like you so that it's actually creepy to be attached.

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